Urinary Tract Infection – heal with doTERRA oils

I have a 3 year old girl who complained of symptoms typical of urinary tract infection.  She was complaining that it hurt every time she peed and was peeing at least every hour.  I figured  may as well try to use oils before taking her to a doctor as it was a Saturday and would probably wait until Monday to see a doctor anyway – what would it hurt right? 


So, I searched on a doTERRA site: www.everythingessential.me for which oils to use.  I found that applying oregano, OnGuard, and Fractionated Coconut oil (to dilute) on her abdomen and covering it with a hot compress was suggested.  So, I did just that while she watched a movie.  Obviously she’s 3 and doesn’t sit still to save her life, but I told her she could watch the movie if she would keep the hot pad on her tummy.  After doing this twice she stopped complaining of any pain and the frequency of her bathroom visits decreased significantly.  I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice but I feel like I have tools as a mother to help my children when they are hurting. 


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