Stye – no thank you!




The other night I finished up a blog post about using oils and I had a little tenderness in my bottom eye lid and I knew it was a stye.  It has been FOREVER since I had one and I just remembered that they last a while and are painful!  So, I looked it up on and found that melaleuca was recommended.  They said to make sure it didn’t get IN my eye, so I was careful not to do that because it would sting.  Well I think I put it too close because it still started stinging a bit, but it was one of those good stings if you know what I’m talking about.   But if it was on my kid I would definitely dillute it with fractionated coconut oil or EVOO. Just an FYI.


The next morning I did it one more time and by the end of the day it was GONE!  I love oils so much!  No painful or ugly eye anymore!  I would say two drops of oils was worth that as it probably cost somewhere around 10 cents!


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