Ring Worm

My daughter had this yucky rash on her neck and I started thinking maybe it was ring worm?  It’s in a ring and is a rash, right?

So, I looked that one up on everythingessential.me and it says,

A protocol suggested is to make the following blend and apply topically. Mixing up a 10 day supply initially would be wise. The amount typical for one application would be:
• 1 drop Lavender
• 1 drop Melaleuca
• 1 drop Thyme
• Therefore, 30 drops of each blended together would provide the 10 day protocol.
Apply 2-3 drops of this blend topically on the area of infection 3 times a day for 10 days. Follow this with Melaleuca (may be mixed 3:1 with a carrier oil) for 30 days to assure the fungus does not return.
If you are treating someone else it is a good idea to cleanse with Melaleuca or On Guard after treatment so the fungus is not spread.

This works for jock itch, ring worm, and athlete’s foot by the way!

So, I mixed up a spray bottle like this one with 30 drops of each and some fractionated coconut oil:

blue spray bottle

Voila!  It worked!!!  We’re still applying some melaleuca for 30 days to prevent it from returning, but it’s so nice to not have to worry about her spreading it to others – including myself of course!


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