Ear Infection

My 1 year old daughter has had this ear infection that would not. go. away!  We discovered she had a double ear infection when we went to her well baby visit {over a month ago}, so they prescribed amoxicillin.  We went through the ten days and a week after finishing the medicine she was still acting like her ears hurt and had developed an amoxicillin rash.  No wonder she looked like this for her 1 year old pictures!  🙂


I took her back in and they prescribed another antibiotic.  After finishing the 10 days of the new medicine she was acting the same.  She also has more wax build up coming out of her ears.

I already knew doTERRA oils can help with ear infection but with a 1 year old it worried me to not have her treated by a doctor because she can’t really tell me if it’s working or not or how painful it is.  I don’t want to mess with her hearing and have other problems down the road.  That’s why I went the antibiotic route.  But I should have known better and just did the oils to begin with.   She would have been healed long ago and wouldn’t have any side effects {like the amoxicillin rash}.

I started by pinching small pieces off of a cotton ball and dabbing a drop of Lavender and Melaleuca on it, then rubbing it around her ears, then sticking the cotton ball in her ears.  I’ve done this every day for 3 days and she’s already showing improvement.   The key to using the oils is using them regularly and consistently.

This is why doTERRA is so awesome and such a good tool to have in your home!


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